EMBA students of ADA University travel to Maastricht


Students also meet with the Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, H.E. Mrs. Lilianne Ploumen. 29 students that are students of the EMBA Class of 2015, ADA University, travelled from Baku to Maastricht for module exams and courses at the Maastricht School of Management (MsM). The trip was in fulfilment of the requirement for the EMBA program under the agreement between MsM and ADA University. Based on the curriculum, students are required to have their 3rd Module at the MsM campus, in Maastricht, Netherlands. The group arrived on MsM campus and immediately participated in the working visit meeting with H.E. Mrs. Lilianne Ploumen. The meeting was used as an opportunity for MsM to introduce to the Minister the international world of MSM that has recently been nominated as a finalist for the Nuffic Orange Carpet Award for its contribution to the internationalization of higher education in the Netherlands. Joining the students from Azerbaijan were MsM students from all over the world. During the question and answer time, in responding to question from Mr. Sanan Tapdigov about how The Netherlands can expand its influence in Azerbaijan and support development, the Minister had this to say: “the Dutch government have decided to merge policy and trade with the focus of looking at emerging or emerged countries like Azerbaijan considering that economic growth within the Eurozone are no more dominant”. She also added that “doing business is all about forging relationship. Countries like The Netherlands should make effort to forge relationship with countries that were in the past not considered as like-minds”. She praised the upcoming business to business delegation to Azerbaijan and expressed hope that something positive will comes out from the meeting. The EMBA students will remain in Maastricht until April 14, 2014. It should be noted that the trip was made possible by the support of Azerbaijan government and ADA University. At the completion of the EMBA program, graduates will receive a dual degree from MsM and ADA University.