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Paragraph I. Legislation basics.

“External Visitors’ Policy and Procedures” have been compiled on the basis of legal state documents below:

• “Regulation on the Higher Education Institutions” (approved by the Cabinet of the Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, 30 March 1995, No.72);
• “ADA University Charter” (approved by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, 8 July 2014, No.211);
• “Exemplary Charter of Libraries of the Higher Education Institutions” (approved by the Cabinet of the Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, 5 July 2016, No.266);
• “Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Copyright and Related Rights” (as amended up to Law of April 30, 2013, No.636-IVQD).



Paragraph II. Services to ADA University community.

According to the legal documents cited above, ADA University Library is responsible for providing library and information services, and is required to serve to ADA University community. The ADA University community user categories are as follows:

• Faculty
• Students / Alumni
• Staff

Paragraph III. Services to External Visitors.

According to ADA University Library strategy, ADA University Library is responsible for providing library and information services; reserves a right to serve to external visitors (out of ADA University Community) and is entitled to develop “External Visitors' Policy and Procedures”. The external visitor categories are as follows:

• Employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
• ADAU Executive Education Students;
• Partners of ADA University;
• Visiting Professors;
• Research scholars;
• PhD candidates;
• Master students.

Paragraph IV. Policies Overview for External Visitors

According to ADA University Library “External Visitors' Policy and Procedures”, selected external visitors are granted access to ADA University Library for a stipulated period. All selected applications are approved by the ADA University Library Director through interview. This access includes on-site use of all ADA University physical and electronic collections, technical facilities and inventory.

Paragraph V. ADA University Library rights and termination conditions

• ADA University Library guarantees the confidentiality of the users’ personal data;
• ADA University Library is responsible and reserves an exceptive right for selection procedures;
• ADA University Library reserves a right for confidentiality of the rejection reason;
• ADA University Library reserves a right to make changes and ammendments to the External Visitors Policy and Procedures in response to ADA University Institutional Policy and Regulations;
• All users are required to follow the ADA University Library Code of Conduct (DOC. No.LP CS 17-4) and External Visitors' Policy and Procedures (current document);
• In case of violation of the above-mentioned regulations, the membership will be terminated.

Paragraph VI. Copyright and Intellectual Property.

ADA University Library is providing only licensed and legitimate materials for ADA University community. For external visitors, which are considered as "third parties", some specific electronic/digital libraries might be unavailable on-campus, as well as, all electronic/digital information resources will be unaccessible off-campus, because of copyright issues. Unauthorized sharing of copyrighted material is not allowed due to licensing agreement.
Violation of the present paragraph will lead to the immediate termination of the external visitor’s membership.  


Clause I. Membership and Applying Regulations.

• Interested individuals can apply only once in an academic year and may renew their memberships twice. (see clause II) • The memberships are active during the current academic year. (see clause II)
• The membership registrations and renewals, as well as library services will be unavailable between 1st of July – 30th of September each year.

Clause II. Application Dates and Deadlines.

Filled out online application forms must be submitted during the open registration period:
Next registration period for ADA University Library membership will be opened in the mid of September, 2019

Clause II.II: Only ten most appropriate application forms are acceptable for each quarter (3 months).
Clause II.III: Applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

Clause III. Requirements and Request form.

• For online requests, the users are required to fill out the "External Visitors’ Request and Agreement Form" below (any convinient format PDF/Word) and send their signed, scanned versions attached with the e-copy of their national ID cards/passports to e-mail address;
• All above-mentioned documents should be submitted and all required fields of the "External Visitors’ Request and Agreement Form" must be filled out carefully. Important Note: Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Clause IV. Selection Regulations of Applicants.

• Selection will be processed according to the criteria indicated below:

• Completeness of information in "External Visitors’ Request and Agreement Form"
• Research and academic significance;
• Applicants’ academic status;
• Appropriateness with the library profile and collections:
• ADA Library information resources usefulness and usage ratio.

o Clause III.I: ADAU Library does not render only study space services.
• Confirmation emails will be sent to applicants after 10 (ten) business days. The dates and time of the interviews will be informed through the email correspondence;
• Only selected applicants will be contacted and invited to interview;
• For interview, it is required to provide the filled out / printed version of the application form (External Visitors’ Request and Agreement Form) and the hard copy of the ID Card/Passport.


• Access to Library building and Student Center;
• On-site access to library physical collections (print books, serials, journals, newspapers, audiovisual materials, etc.);
• On-site access to online databases and other electronic/digital libraries which include full-text e-books, e-periodical collections, and etc.;
• Reference and instructional support for academic research and writing;
• On-site use of headphones, pens, pencils, markers, rulers, flash drives, converters, USB drives and other stationery;
• Access to Library’s facilities, as well as computer workstations, Internet access, etc.

NOTE: Fines for the lost and damaged, as well as misused library resources are regulated according to the ADA University Library Penalties (DOC. No. LP CS 17-2).


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