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Library IT Services


The Library IT manager offers technical assistance to ADA University faculty, students, and staff and also to others who use the Library’s technical devices. The assistance is provided by Iltifat ibrahimov in the Library building. The assistance is not limited to only ADA Community, outsider visitors also can benefit from it.


  Library IT Services includes the following:


Computers: The Library has 12 Apple IMac desktop (30 more comings soon)  which are available from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and technical assistance is available during the 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. period for any problem regarding these computers. In addition, students can bring their own computers, tablets and other devices to the Library and approach IT Services for assistance on these private devices too. Library IT Services offers support for software installation consultation also.


Print&Scan: Library department owns one of 3 Print and Copy centers in its building. The center is located in the basement floor. Printing, scanning, and copying are available in the center. IT Services help students in sending information from computers, printing from machines, scanning information and sending it to their email address and so on. IT Services also offers the possibility of sending information from their own computers by asking the Service center to install print software. A cell phone is available in the center to call Iltifat Ibrahimov ext#232.


Wi-Fi: IT services suggest students bring their computers to the Library because in rush hours all 12 IMacs are often full. In IT Services also offers Wi-Fi installation support to students. According to the Wi – Fi policy created by ADA’s IT Department installing Wi-Fi to any student’s computer his/her Campus username and password are needed.


SmartBoards: There 2 Smartboards in the Library’s seminar rooms. The Library empowers students to reserve and study in these rooms when preparing their group presentations. Library IT Services also is ready to help students and give them some instructions for using Smartboards. During classes or preparation IT Services staff are ready to troubleshoot any problems.