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ADA University Library utilizes cutting edge technology where a sophisticated technological infrastructure allows our Library to be at the forefront of information delivery. Through technology we shape the creation of knowledge and change the way that our students learn and do research.
The ADA University Library supports the University and community as a whole and helps to empower the next generation of global leaders. We provide our students with an academic experience that gives them the information resources and instruction necessary to fully utilize our collections and materials. We have built a growing collection of significant depth and breadth and we strive to provide our students, faculty and staff with the various resources they need to fulfill their study and research goals. We offer comfortable studying and meeting spaces for the ADA University community and its visitors.

Featuring the very latest in infrastructure, our library systems ensure that the ADA University community has the most efficient access to both quality print and electronic resources which focus on the subjects of international relations, political and economic theory, business and English language teaching and learning, with growing collections covering the general education areas.

PAUL Bakery is located on the First Floor of the library building and offers a variety of snacks and beverages, including a wide range of pastries and coffee drinks.


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