At ADA, our students have multiple ways to get engaged on university campus. At every single opportunity, we put you on stage and give you a chance to perform. Whether it is through debates, drama, or music, performing on stage will improve your skills and allow you to capture an audience of diversity. You are not required to have any prior experience. Students also have the opportunity to work behind the stage, be in charge of tech, or assist with costumes and make up.

            Majlis 1.jpgMajlis 2.jpg

In our state-of-the-art campus, students are able to perform in the SPIA Atrium and Commons. We call this space Majlis. It is shaped as rotunda with majestic staircases leading students and guests from the second floor balcony to the main floor. A stage is located in the middle along with an amphitheater and lounge and bench seating. Majlis is built to host debates, performances, discussions, and classes.