At ADA, learning is not only confined to seminar halls, auditoriums, or traditional classrooms. It continues everywhere, from staircases to group study rooms and into our fitness center. We defy sitting in auditoriums only and teach and learn in spaces like Outside Classrooms. Our campus has two of them, called Amphitheater and Senate. One is designed and built like a Greek amphitheater; while another is a replica of the House of Commons in the British Parliament. They sit adjacent the Dede Gorgud Park. The Outside Classrooms are used for multiple purposes. While their primary purpose is a teaching facility, they are also used for debate, recitals, performances, acting, and meetings.

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The debate culture at ADA is enormously important to the development of our students as the next generation of world leaders. We see it as a valuable way to improve the analytical and communications skills of our students by teaching them how to develop a clear and concise fact based argument. At ADA, students are able to take advantage of a variety of venues when participating in debates and discussions with their peers. Utilizing these venues and models of civil debate we are committed to teaching our students the importance of debate in the democratic process. Topics cover a wide range of issues—cultural, political, and philosophical. Our students are given the unique opportunity to learn the finer points of debate and public speaking from an esteemed faculty that encourages independent research, small group discussions, and competition.